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Thanks for finding your way here from Canna Reviews. By filling out our obligation-free contact form below, you will receive a flat $15 discount on your consultation. You will receive a free call from our nurse within 24 hours before you have to make a decision.


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A New Patient is allocated a 30-minute time slot with the Natura Clinic Doctor for a cost of $120. 

For a review of your treatment plan a 15-minute time slot is allocated with the Natura Clinic Doctor for a cost of $80.

If required, a detailed medical history will be collected by an Allied Health Care Professional for a cost of $40.

You will receive a call from one of our trained nurses within 24 hours of your form submission – free of charge.

All our consultations are via video call, so you will be sent a link via email or SMS to connect with your doctor for the appointment. To facilitate the secure connection, you will need a computer with an internet connection. We can do a phone call if necessary, but live video is preferred.

This is a private consult with our Clinician and is not subject to any Medicare rebate.

Our preferred approach is that you have a referral from own General Practitioner outlining your medical history and any medications you are currently on. This allows our Natura Clinic Doctor to make a proper assessment, discuss past treatments and to make sure that no unwanted medication interactions occur.

If our Clinician decides in consultation with the patient that Medicinal Cannabis is an appropriate treatment, and the patient is happy to proceed, Special Access Scheme (SAS) approval will be sought from the TGA for a Medicinal Cannabis Prescription. Approval may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

A copy of your prescription and (if applicable) a TGA SAS authority is sent to our Pharmacy Partner who will then ship the product to you. The shipping cost is included in the price charged by the Pharmacy. You may also use a Local Pharmacy of your choice provided they are set up to dispense the medicine you have been prescribed.

Natura Healthcare is an independent Clinic and receives no incentive to prescribe one product over another. We will prescribe what is best for your individual condition from a range of available medicines.

Your own General Practitioner remains your primary health professional, and you should remain under their supervision for all your health needs. Natura will communicate to your GP any treatment or medicine prescribed to you.