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Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrial-like tissue grows outside of the uterus on other organs like the ovaries and depending on the severity might cause intense pain or problems with the bladder or bowels.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is any type of noticeable unpleasant sensation in the body that lasts for a period greater than three months. Examples include arthritic pain, backpain, migraines but also neuropathic pain among multiple other forms with varying underlying causes


Insomnia is a lack of experiencing quality sleep while still having the motivation, time and space for it to happen. Sleep is imperative for physical, emotional, and mental recovery, and is more than just a time to recharge the batteries


Epilepsy is one of the most studied conditions for cannabis treatment in the world. A neurological disorder that causes a wide spectrum of unpredictable seizures, Epilepsy can have a catastrophic impact on the life of those who suffer


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that stems from traumatic experiences. PTSD can result in a wide range of comorbidities such as insomnia, increased stressed levels, anxiety induced panic attacks, and depression.


Fibromyalgia basically orders pain processing in your brain. It is a condition that comes in forms of neuropathic or nociplastic pain, meaning that sensations that should not be painful, suddenly become painful or already painful sensations increase in intensity.

Unsure of your condition or cannot find it? Don’t worry! We can treat a wide range of other conditions, just go to the appointments page directly.

How do I obtain medicinal Cannabis?

Firstly, you have to fit within some eligibility criteria (like age) and then get in contact with a doctor. It is upon them to decide whether medicinal cannabis would work for your individual circumstances. If that is the case, you will be given a script that you can take to your pharmacy. Only a registered pharmacy or dispensary is allowed to hand your prescribed cannabis to you.

Because of the early stages of Cannabis in Australia, most medicinal cannabis products are not approved medicines and the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has not assessed them for safety, quality or effectiveness. That means that there is some paperwork going on in the background so you can access your medicinal cannabis legally.

Beware, that any cannabis products you can just order online are not legal, meaning you are breaking the law and potentially obtaining a harmful product.

Bookings & Pricing

New Appointment

$ 160
  • No referral needed
  • 30-minute consultation
  • With a Natura clinic doctor
  • No hidden/additional fees

New Appointment

$ 120
  • Referral needed
  • 30-minute consultation
  • With a Natura clinic doctor
  • No hidden/additional fees

Follow Up

$ 80
  • 15-minute consultation
  • With a Natura clinic doctor
  • No hidden fees


All our consultations are via video call, so you will be sent a link via email or SMS to connect with your doctor for the appointment. To facilitate the secure connection, you will need a computer with an internet connection. We can do a phone call if necessary, but live video is preferred.

A New Patient is allocated a 30-minute time slot with the Natura Clinic Doctor for a cost of $120. 

For a review of your treatment plan a 15-minute time slot is allocated with the Natura Clinic Doctor for a cost of $80.

If required, a detailed medical history will be collected by an Allied Health Care Professional for a cost of $40.

This is a private consult with our Clinician and is not subject to any Medicare rebate.

Our preferred approach is that you have a referral from own General Practitioner outlining your medical history and any medications you are currently on. This allows our Natura Clinic Doctor to make a proper assessment on whether Medicinal Cannabis is appropriate for you and to make sure that no unwanted medication interactions occur.

If our Clinician decides in consultation with the patient that Medicinal Cannabis is an appropriate treatment, and the patient is happy to proceed, Special Access Scheme (SAS) approval will be sought from the TGA for a Medicinal Cannabis Prescription. Approval may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

A copy of your prescription and the TGA SAS authority is sent to our Pharmacy Partner who will then ship the product to you. The shipping cost is included in the price charged by the Pharmacy. You may also use a Local Pharmacy of your choice provided they are set up to dispense Medicinal Cannabis.

Natura Healthcare is an independent Clinic and receives no incentive to prescribe one product over another. We will prescribe what is best for your individual condition from a range of flower and oil medicines.

Your own General Practitioner remains your primary health professional, and you should remain under their supervision for all your health needs. Natura will communicate to your GP any treatment or medicine prescribed to you.